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New and Improved!
The Learn To Fiddle CD now comes with a booklet that includes fiddle tabs for:
Boil That Cabbage Down, Amazing Grace, Soldier's Joy,
Turkey In The Straw, Acres of Clams, Red River Valley, Happy Birthday,
Camptown Races, When Johnny Comes Marching Home, Eighth of January,
Major Chords for the Fiddle and
(you won't believe this...)
The Orange Blossom Special!
You get the TABS for this tune - not a "Listen to..." recording
You can listen to the recordings of the tabbed music for the Learn to Fiddle CD at CD Baby.
If they are not there already they will soon be available at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, and most other sources that allow for downloading and streaming.

Also in the Learn to Fiddle Kit:
~Four pieces of cheap tape to put on your fingerboard
~Instructions for tuning up and getting started
~Directions on priming your new bow
~Instructions on how to use fiddle tabs
~Instructions for where to put tape on your fingerboard
But wait! There's More!
You will also get instructions for how to make a genuine Appalachian Fiddle Mute FREE!
This is so that you can practice 24/7 and not upset family or neighbors.

But wait! There's even MORE!

You also get two balls of cotton for their ears just in case they still complain.

Many of the articles in the section Some Pointers on Playing the Fiddle were previously published in the National Oldtime Fiddlers Newspaper in the Teacher's Tips column. If you have any questions about your fiddle and/or how to play it, feel free to Contact me. Put FIDDLE in the subject line
Read about The Origin of Fiddle Tabs!

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